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controlled leaking:

a method of marketing often used by companies to generate hype over a product, or in this case, a group. this method is used to gauge consumer reactions before the actual product, or in this case, video, is actually released. controlled leaking may also be used to intimidate competition. so whether you watched it or not, you’re still a good fan. everyone sit the fuck down.

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you dumb fucks leaked the exo comeback video again didn’t you

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Had a great time :) (at fort ilocandia)
Color of the week :) ♥
thanks chua! This is amazing :)
Hard ♥
Rainbow ♥

studio ghibli + menus (madman collection)

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delete anyone in your life who doesn’t think dragons are cool you don’t need that kind of negativity around you

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3 more months and im gonna say goodbye to this field. #UE #sentimental